Did I ever show you guys the jumper I knitted for my dissertation? This was the culmination of research into the history of the knitted gansey, as well as a representation of my roots. As you can see from the very obvious seam lines, I still hadn’t quite mastered knitting in the round. I didn’t even use circular needles, I used 8 DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES. DO YOU KNOW HOW STUPID I FEEL NOW??

It was an incredible ordeal, I’ve never been so stressed by knitting before. But I was pleased with the outcomes, and fell in love with knitting things in the round, even as I hated it. Realising at the end that you absolutely no sewing to do is the most satisfying thing in the world.

And as much as I whined and fretted and was SO glad to have it over with, I still went and made my mum a navy one for christmas just gone :P Guess I’m just a sentimental sucker.

It earned me a first, at least. So that’s something ;)